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The Gravity Roller Shelf Management System is an innovative gravity fed self facing solution. With the Roller Rail self facing and divider system installed, product automatically moves forward to the shelf edge.

Roller Shelf Combined: Plastic Roller+AL Base+Acrylic Divider+ Front Acrylic Board

Material:AL Alloy/Stanless Steel/Good Plasticity/Perfect Match With End Caps/ABS Plastic

Application:Supermarket ,C-store and Retail Shelves Display,Grocery

The product advantages:

1.Saving cooling machine power to keep long lifetime.

2.Easily assemble without any special skills requirements.

3.Improved product presentation,increasing brand awareness.

4.Short delivery time,original factory with skillful wokers and fine machines.

5.Reducing labor cost, less time is needed to restock or organize a category.

6.Saving time to manage products,rapid integration of changing shelf layouts.