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Plastic Pusher: Auto Front, can be used for Cigarettes, Pharmacy, Condoms and Ot
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Our plastic pusher systems are specifically designed to always keep products where they should be, in front of your customers!

Our shelf management systems are suitable for all types of shelving. .


The shelf is the most important visual aspect area in any store

It is where you only have a few seconds to capture the consumer's attention. In order to increase sales, shelving areas must be well organized and have stock presented in an upright position at the front of the shelves. Quality product merchandising displays are essential in order to improve the shopper's overall experience.

This system improves the marketing efficiency of your shelves by enabling your products to always remain at the ideal viewing position for the consumers. Their unique design greatly facilitates the rotation of perishable products, by always presenting to the shopper the goods you wish for them to buy.

Versatile, our automatic pusher units can be easily modified and reconfigured according to your specific needs, without having to call for a technician to come and do it for you.

Improve the overall appearance of your retail store shelves with our series of automatic self-positioning merchandising systems. Our spring-loaded shelving units can significantly improve the presentation of the various goods sitting on your shelves at all times. Whatever your requirements, we can provide you with a custom made spring-loaded shelf merchandising system that will definitely improve your products appearance and your sales.