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Roller shelf system: the display is full and neat, the goods are automatically t
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  As an innovative technology product, the roller shelf can reduce the finishing time of the freezer, shelf and other cards, thereby reducing the number of times the refrigerator is opened and the length of the door opening, saving power consumption, and achieving the goal of increasing revenue and reducing expenditure. At the same time, the work efficiency of personnel is improved, the labor cost is reduced, and the recovery cost period is short.

  On the other hand, the roller shelf solve the problems of freezer, shelf board chaos, product dumping, etc. The visual deck is full and the products are fully exposed. Today, with the cost of marketing, the use of roller shelf allows your products to be noticed at a low cost in a short period of time.

  Roller shelf have a penetration rate of 76% in foreign markets, but the penetration rate in the Chinese market is less than 0.5%. The cost of roller shelf produced abroad is high and the price is high. There are many standard sizes for refrigerators and shelves in China. Therefore, this product is foreign. The versatility in China can't meet the domestic market demand. Therefore, after the domestic roller shelf have been transformed and the versatility is improved, the penetration rate will be greatly improved in the future, and the market space is huge.

Roller shelf are divided into two versions: Universal and Professional

1. Universal version of roller shelf, suitable for single-layer shelf and shelf of freezer.

2, the professional version of the roller shelf, suitable for double-layer shelves.