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Guangzhou Orio won the patent certificate for 《A kind of aluminum alloy self-wei
Datetime:2018-08-07 08:36:54 Hits:

Congratulations to Guangzhou Orio Technology Co., Ltd. 《A kind of aluminum alloy self-weight slide rail》utility model patent authorized by the State Intellectual Property Office, and obtained a patent certificate on December 7, 2018. Since the establishment of Guangzhou Orio, the company has continuously increased its investment in scientific research and technology, and actively carried out technological innovation work. It has applied for and obtained more than 20 patents granted by the State Intellectual Property Office. The company's 《Aluminum Alloy Self-Heavy Rails》 was mainly used in the retail field, and can be applied to beverage display cabinets, commercial super-shelves, vending machines, and the like. The acquisition of the utility model patent authorization has enhanced the company's core technical competitiveness and provided strong technical support for the company's future development. Our company will continue to invest in research and development to help China's retail industry and fight for China's retail business!