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Production Manager
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1. Under the leadership of the superiors, responsible for the management of the production department, organize and urge department personnel to complete production work on time.

2. Implement the post responsibility system and work standards of the Ministry, and strengthen cooperation with relevant departments;

3. To organize the formulation, revision, inspection, supervision, control and implementation of management systems such as production, equipment, safety inspection, environmental protection and production statistics;

4. Responsible for the work of safety in production, on-site management, labor protection and environmental protection;

5. Be responsible for the basic management of production statistics and accounting. Attention should be paid to the management of original production records, accounts and statements, and timely preparation of relevant statistical reports on annual, quarterly, monthly production and equipment reports.

6. Be responsible for the maintenance and repair of production equipment and measuring instruments, and arrange the maintenance time of equipment reasonably.

7. Strengthen dispatching management. We should balance the comprehensive production capacity scientifically, arrange production operation time rationally, balance power consumption, save energy, save production costs and reduce production costs.

Job requirements

1. Above junior college education and professional knowledge of production management;

2. Strong ability of comprehensive coordination and organization and management;

Over 3.3 years of production management experience in large enterprises;

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