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Job responsibilities:

1. Master and familiarize with national tax revenue and regulations and policies, and be responsible for tax declaration, invoicing and account processing of general taxpayers of the company, as well as handling export tax rebates and social security increase and decrease personnel;

2. Familiar with cost accounting of production enterprises.

3. Supervise and control the purchase, sale and deposit of goods, semi-finished products and raw materials in stock

4. Monthly Bill Checking and Payment Application Examination and Approval of Customers and Suppliers

5. Employee Performance, Bonus Statistics, Wage Accounting

6. Examination and approval of daily operating expenses reimbursement form

7. Customer and supplier contract filing management

8. Establishment and Improvement of Financial System

9. Monthly account processing, profit and loss analysis, document binding and filing management.

10. Familiar with foreign exchange settlement and carry-over of exchange gains and losses

11. Other work arranged by superiors.


1. College Degree or above in Accounting

2 or 5 years working experience

3. Familiar with the use of financial software, tax reporting system, EXCEL and functions

4. Familiar with the local tax bureau.

5. Experience in export tax rebate is preferred.

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